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Originally Posted by cmcollins001 View Post
Verizon would be the best choice considering the coverage in my area. I talked with a rep at one of the stores about what would be good for me. While I could sell my phones to them, and I have some people interested in a couple of my phones so I can get more money from them then I would from a buyback program. It's going to cost quite a bit to get started and right now I'm researching too see what all of my options are. There are some deals on phones, and a couple of them would be close to what I'm used to with my phone and a couple of my other phones.
Well it sucks that Sprint would just drop a loyal customer. But Verizon can be really good network wise. And if they are only a few dollars more a month I would consider it well worth it.

Yeah you have to buy new phones. But you will also have the newest phones to choose from. You'd be surprised how much you can sell your phones for on craigslist. I left Sprint paying ETF fees and was able to make the money back selling my phones. If you dont need unlimited data then Verizon may be a good fit for you. And its Sprints lose anyways. If you continue using alot of roaming than it might cost SPrint more money than your account is worth. But if just one or two of your phones was roaming only slightly, then overall Sprint will be loosing out from your business. Such a shame.
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