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I think the biggest issue is like cmcollins001 has stated. The account website shows unlimited roaming. This is what people see all the time when they log in and pay their bill or check minutes etc. The only thing that makes mention to the 300Mb's/or majority use, is the T&C which the majority only sees once when they sign the contract. That set up with the advertised unlimited simply everything plan really makes it sound confusing. How hard is it to change the website to show XXX out of 300MB's roaming when you check on it? Especially if the roaming costs Sprint so much money they should do what they can to help keep people informed of this roaming use.

And wow, they must really hate you dropping all 9 lines like that. At first I was thinking "what are you complaining about. You get away from Sprint ETF free." But I see that it will be kind of costly for you with all those lines and devices.

You should do as Dan has recommended. Also try to sale your devices you currently have to help ease the transition. But get receipts of the transactions for the amounts because the court will want to subtract that amount from the judgement you will be trying to get awarded to you.

What provider are you thinking of switching to? Does another provider have a special on phones right now that might help you with the upfront phone cost?
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