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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Sprint will not pay you, unless you legally compel them to, any costs you will have for switching to another carrier. Considering they are terminating all 9 lines they must have determined that they do not value your business, for whatever reason. In most cases, Sprint would terminate one line that was going over, leaving the other lines still bound by their service agreements.

Your best action is small claims court. It is set up to have regular people state their case without a lawyer, and the judge will weigh the merits of your case against the lawyer or management person Sprint will send. You could easily show the judge that you had invested thousands of dollars in Sprint branded devices, devices that are worthless to you when you switch carriers. The fact that they are choosing to terminate all lines of service seems a bit odd to say the least, so I would get that in writing somehow from a Sprint rep's corporate email account.

Look at what it will cost you to switch to Verizon or AT&T for all 9 lines. Device purchase costs, activation fee's, and possible increased monthly costs. Ask the judge to aware you a judgement for all of those increased expenses for the next 24 months, as you practically have to agree to that term of service.

You may not get all of that, but Sprint will offer you nothing. They will tell you that they are already waiving any ETF's, and that you should be happy with that.
Thank you for the advice. I'm in the process of trying to get as much documentation as possible from my account page online, my bills, and speaking with Sprint through email and chat since it can be documented.

Like I told Sprint, I'm not looking for a million dollar claim or multi-million dollars class action suit, I just want them to take responsibility for the information they provide to their customers and if they are going to post one thing on my account that differs from the TOS, then they should pay for the switch.
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