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@Dan They are not just closing the one line or even two lines that go over, they closing the entire account. The letter does not specify which lines are being closed, it just says the account, so I verified with Sprint and it is going to be all 9 devices. Even the data plan which has never gone over because the tab is set not to roam. The phones, however, cannot be set to not roam because then no email could be received and some of us need email for work and to access some systems online. Also, I don't want to sue them for personal damages or some class action suit, I just want them to cover the cost of the transition to another wireless provider with relatively the same plan and level of phones. I don't want to go from the Evo 3D to some basic less performing phone because of cost to get the whole account set up.

@monkeyboy I would agree with you if I didn't know different. The data plan I have for my tab lists as

Sprint 3G Data Roaming

0KB / 102,400 KB Included

So, it's just as easy to put the same programming toward the phone lines as they do for the tablet.

And regarding what I believe or don't believe about roaming on Verizon, well, how am I supposed to know what contract or agreement Sprint has with Verizon regarding the use of their towers and their network? I've never seen the contract between the two, and I've been tagging Verizon towers for years and never, not once, has Sprint said a word about my usage...until now. So, that would lead me believe everything was ok. When I did contact Sprint and ask why it's just now becoming an issue, I was told that "there are several reasons why that could happen, the most common is that cell phone provider whose towers you are using may have raised their rates with Sprint". So, Sprint gets me comfortable with the way our phones are used, and when they are having financial issues and want to save money, it now becomes a problem.

It's not like I'm a new Sprint customer, there is a long standing allowance (6+ years) of letting us go over our data roaming, take that with the website usage showing we have unlimited roaming data, and my bill saying that unlimited roaming data is included in the plan, those are my 3 factors.

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