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Originally Posted by Dan View Post
Sprint has not been known to send a warning letter for one month of overages. They do it on a 2-3 month history of exceeding the limit.

With Sprint choosing that you can use no more than 49.9% of your minutes or data while roaming, up to a limit of 800 voice minutes or 300 MB, they can not easily put "800 minutes" or "300 MB" as a cap / limit online. If you only use 500 minutes a month, but 400 of those are roaming you are technically violating the T&C.

I agree that they should list the limits better, but they would likely argue from a legal standpoint that it is "unlimited" as they do not charge more if you go over, or shut you off at that limit. They can just choose that they no longer want your business, and the one sided contract claims to give them that right.
The letter telling me they are cutting off my service states "Because your overall usage continues to exceed off-network roaming limits which is in violation of your data plan, we regret to inform you that your wireless service will be terminated effective April 17, 2012" so they state in the letter that are hard limits and really, it's not 300mb, it's the "majority" of kilobytes and that it is not unlimited as they state on the website and on the bills.

They say they contacted me to give me the opportunity to change my usage habits to be in line with the terms of my plan...well, according to the bill I have unlimited 3G data roaming included in my plan. If they want to just shut down my service without stating the reason, that's one thing. I'd be mad about it, but that's their choice. It's when they state there are these limits according to the contract, yet they are the ones telling me I don't have limits according to what they tell me on their website and the bill they send me.
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