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Originally Posted by cmcollins001 View Post
It's not about the 300mb, it's about being deceptive, it's about not even attempting to help their customers keep track of the roaming data, it's about being too lazy to fix the website and the bills to report actual numbers instead of trying to live up to the whole "truly unlimited" hype Sprint is trying to sell everyone. It's about not lying to your customers and tell them in two places they have unlimited roaming data in big very easy to read print, and say something else in very tiny print and very hard to find on the website saying you only have 300mb of roaming data.

I guess if I followed Sprints lead, I can assume that the amount listed on my bill is not really the amount I owe, so let's calculate...what percentage is 300mb of unlimited. I can use that percentage to calculate exactly what I owe.

Do something, file a complaint with the FCC, your state's attorney general, and the Better Business Bureau. Maybe, just maybe, Sprint might update their website and bills to report facts instead of fiction.
Sprint has not been known to send a warning letter for one month of overages. They do it on a 2-3 month history of exceeding the limit.

With Sprint choosing that you can use no more than 49.9% of your minutes or data while roaming, up to a limit of 800 voice minutes or 300 MB, they can not easily put "800 minutes" or "300 MB" as a cap / limit online. If you only use 500 minutes a month, but 400 of those are roaming you are technically violating the T&C.

I agree that they should list the limits better, but they would likely argue from a legal standpoint that it is "unlimited" as they do not charge more if you go over, or shut you off at that limit. They can just choose that they no longer want your business, and the one sided contract claims to give them that right.
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