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Originally Posted by gedster314 View Post
Try streaming music while working out an hour 4 or 5 times a week. You will break 2GB without a sweat, ok yes a sweat from the workout. Ad to that, PocketCast downloads 5 podcasts a week, thats about 250MB a week, I like listening to them on the drive home from work. Add push mail from 4 different email accounts. Now throw in your browsing and Maps. It does add up quick, especially when wifi isn't available at work and you can't trust open wifis. Even https can be bypassed if you connect to a rogue wifi.
Most gyms in my area have wifi so I wouldnt accumulate data from that. I would also download the podcasts at home with my wifi to eliminate that usage. I do check my emails and facebook often. Also browse the net from time to time. Overall with the use of wifi I do not come close to 2GB a month. I think alot of people with Sprint use more data than the norm because they can. Why bother getting on the wifi at the gym or why download the podcasts at home or when on wifi when you can just do it with the network. And this is why I believe Sprint will go to the tier options in the future. When people have unlimited data they will use more cause they can.
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