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Originally Posted by 4ringsnbr View Post
Watching a movie on Netflix (besides being ridiculous on a tiny phone screen) is HEAVY usage-- you're talking 500 MB or more in a 2 hour period. The average smartphone user in the U.S. consumes about 700 MB per month according to Nielsen and other surveys. Over 1 GB in a month is heavy usage! I do admit-- I did hit 1.4 GB one month, but I don't see how on earth anyone with a phone that doesn't tether or use the wifi hotspot can burn more than 2-3 GB in a month on a phone... at least nobody with a day job that keeps them busy...
Try streaming music while working out an hour 4 or 5 times a week. You will break 2GB without a sweat, ok yes a sweat from the workout. Ad to that, PocketCast downloads 5 podcasts a week, thats about 250MB a week, I like listening to them on the drive home from work. Add push mail from 4 different email accounts. Now throw in your browsing and Maps. It does add up quick, especially when wifi isn't available at work and you can't trust open wifis. Even https can be bypassed if you connect to a rogue wifi.
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