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Originally Posted by thecaptain42 View Post
To go to 4g, Sprint will charge me $8 ($10-20% for me) + $10 (wife)=$18 over my current $118.

Verizon wants $120 (shared family voice + text, 1400 [not 1500 minutes Sprint gives me]) + $30 (each person) * 2 = $60 for 2GB data. There was a 4GB for the price of 2GB promotion, think may have lost that. Besides, Sprint has ANY mobile, Verizon is only to Verizon mobile (though Vzn gives me 10 friends, Sprint gives me 3 friends). Besides, Vzn night starts at 9PM, Sprint 7PM. Then throw in Sprint unlimited data (at this time).

To summarize moving to 4g:
Sprint $118 (forgot to mention that includes taxes), nite starting 7PM, 100 extra minutes/month, currently unlimited minutes + $18 = $136

Verizon $120 + $60 (data) + taxes, guess at $10 = $190

Then if I keep my current Android phone, Sprint costs $118 incl taxes.

What bugs me is I'm paying "subsidy" fees which we're not taking advantage of.
I would hang in there for about 2-3 months.

Sprint LTE IS coming and the first LTE phones are coming as well. Originally, a blog reported that the Galaxy Nexus will be landing on Sprint by March. From what I've read though, it seems like ~April 15th will be most likely landing time.

I think waiting ~3 months is well worth it.
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