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Well that unlimited roaming on the Website was new to me a few months back. I never ventured into further usage details. From my very first day with Sprint I knew roaming was frowned upon. Maybe because I came from a time when the phones regularly told you that you were roaming and actually gave beeb when you roamed. Roaming was stuck in my head as being a bad thing. For a few years, phones stopped telling you were roaming, I guess it was a marketing decision. Then when I got Epic4GTouch and it's roaming guard crap, it reminded me that roaming is still an issue.

Will someone at Sprint get off their @ss and send me one of these letters! I would love to be asked to leave ETF free. Past 4 months I've been up to 4GB of roaming 3G and no letter. I'm liking Verizon's 1Mbps in my area compared to Sprint's 50 to 100 Kbps.

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