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Like i stated before - Do not look at it in a Sprint point of view. A consumer point of view, would I be able to tell a difference from "Billing System" and "Web system." They both stated the same information, unlimited roaming. So anyone would think it is unlimited roaming. I'm not arguing that continuous roaming after warning letter is not consumer's fault. but Sprint did nothing to correct itself is at fault and misleading.

You're making it sound like its all the consumer's fault for keep roaming data even though they received a warning letter. But what about the consumer called on 1st warning letter confirmed they do not even know which one is correct or why it states unlimited roaming. They still haven't correct the issue or make an attempt to do so. Should the consumer consider it unlimited roaming, it states it right there.

I would agree - both are at fault "Sprint and Consumer." Who leads it to be at fault? Sprint for being deceptive.
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