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Originally Posted by druzhil View Post
Statement and Account information is in English for the consumer to verify their service and plan. If it states unlimited roaming data, it should be unlimited roaming data. If this is an error, they should correct/update it and not leaving it there to confuse anyone. Misrepresentation in company's statement and user account page is always the fault of the company and not consumer.
Like I said in that same post, I agree that the website's language is misleading. And I tried to explain why it might be the way it is. As far as the billing system is concerned, roaming *is* unlimited, which to the billing system means, no HARD CAP, no AUTOMATIC shutoff threshold.

Yes, Sprint should put a little * beside it which says "Roaming subject to rules as described in the T/C." The website is some poor web programmer's attempt to translate data coming from the billing DB into English, but it is IMPERFECT. There are numerous other imperfections in the website and its translation of coded rules into "English".

Nevertheless, I still don't consider it excusable to ignore warning letters, clear description of the roaming rules elsewhere and to hang on to the implausible belief that roaming could ever be "unlimited". When it comes to technology, I don't subscribe to the notion that consumers have no responsibility in educating themselves -- like those that might believe that watching wireless streaming TV is the same as watch broadcast TV.
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