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First off - Why would I need to look at the T&C for roaming data information. The statement and user account states it all. Second, I would call Sprint to see what's going on and if they can explain why roaming data cap is 300MB and statement/website states unlimited (If I receive a letter about roaming usage). As I stated before, look into the consumer point of view - majority would check their statement and account information online and call Sprint for the discrepancy.

Sprint is still liable for this confusion - Best they remove/update the information, so there are no confusion.

Not Exactly True: "You do realize that you agree to what is written in the long set of terms and conditions (the contract) and that statements made that indicate otherwise, even by a sprint rep, are not a promise by the company to honor any thing a representative tells you?" Not every single contract can be binding, when clearly there are false advertising or deception.

BTW: i'm not saying Sprint would honor the unlimited roaming data.

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