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Originally Posted by druzhil View Post
Everyone that is pointing to the T&C terms should reconsider this in a consumer standpoint and not what Sprint/Business sees. And why would a consumer go digging for the T&C to check, if roaming data is unlimited when their account and billing statements say so.
On the consumer's account webpage/Billing statement - it Legally states unlimited data roaming.
What does that mean? no limit to data roaming.
Yes, under the T&C - Sprint could terminate your service and such, but you could easily sue them in small claims court to move to another carrier under the circumstance on the termination.

Statement and Account information is in English for the consumer to verify their service and plan. If it states unlimited roaming data, it should be unlimited roaming data. If this is an error, they should correct/update it and not leaving it there to confuse anyone. Misrepresentation in company's statement and user account page is always the fault of the company and not consumer.
Many "dig around" in the T&C's to get out of their agreement, why wouldn't you dig around if you had gotten a letter about excessive data roaming?

Sprint can just as easily send you such a letter if they feel that you are "abusing network resources" with even on network data usage. The contract is totally to the benefit of the wireless carrier, with the "only"benefit to the consumer being the ability to use the service and possibly the discounted device.

Edit: You do realize that you agree to what is written in the long set of terms and conditions (the contract) and that statements made that indicate otherwise, even by a sprint rep, are not a promise by the company to honor any thing a representative tells you?

We can go around in circles about what is legally vague, and only a judge can determine if the advertising is too vague or misleading.
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